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What I got for Christmas 2020


Because of everything that happened in 2020, I have a feeling that this year, I needed to spoil my family and myself with Christmas gifts. There is nothing wrong with it or talking about it. Just as a disclaimer, I haven’t created this YouTube video about my 2020 gifts and this article to show off in any way. I just personally like to see what other people got it as well, and it’s just about sharing the excitement around Christmas time, and what you have shared with your family and loved ones. Anyway, after having seen that, let’s get straight to the subject.

Givenchy Mascara and Travel Size Lipstick Set

Let’s start with Beauty gifts. My sister spoiled me this year with a Set of make-up from Sephora. This is the Givenchy Christmas sets which contain: The Volume Disturbia Mascara in black, and a miniature of the lipstick Le Rouge L’interdit. Here is the link where you can purchase it on—coffret-maquillage-P10010592.html

I really like this set because first of all, the mascara itself has a great formulation and gives your lashes amazing volume. I have never tried any Givenchy mascaras before because my favorite brand so far was Lancôme, and I stick to it for almost two years now. I’m happy to have another statement mascara. Look at the packaging itself, you can’t have something more Christmasy than that! 

I love the mini lipstick as well the formula formulation is really nice because I love that kind of lipstick with a creamy texture. I am not into glossy textures because they are pretty sticky on the lips. I much prefer creamy textures, and this is the case for this lipstick. This kind of packages allows you to discover miniatures of the products for a good price and then if you’re satisfied with the quality you can purchase later on the full size. For two years now, I discover Lancome products in the same way.
The whole set is priced at 29.90€.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

The next gift is a piece of decoration that I wanted for a very long time. This is a present from my parents as my father knew that I wanted that kind of lamp. It creates such a good atmosphere in any room, I personally chose to put it on my desk because I like to re-create that kind of relaxed atmosphere while I’m working. You can definitely buy two of these and imagine having them on your side table in your bedroom for example.

This is looking so beautiful even when it’s not light up. In terms of decoration, I am more and more into natural stones and greenery’s everywhere. I just think that it creates such a peaceful atmosphere in your home. My father got me this item out of a local French boutique called  “Nature et découvertes” (the link: If you don’t have access to this purchase, you can easily find that kind of stone lamps on Amazon for example. Just be careful about the origin of the item, not to get a plastic or fake or salt stone which can happen when you buy them online. Here is another link where you can buy them:

Music and new audio material

And last but not least, let’s talk about this very exciting present I made myself (my parents and grandma have participated). I have purchased for Christmas an external sound card for my iMac and a Rode voice microphone. You can get them online on the famous European website I am super happy about having bought myself this gift because this is something that I wanted to have for a long time, to be able to record my music and songs. Yes, for those who don’t know about it, I have been singing pretty much my entire life. I can also play the guitar and violin.

I have never had the chance to be able to record my music and to make videos out of it, so this professional material is great to have. These brands were advised to me by many friends and people around me, doing the same creative work. This will also be really advantageous when filming videos for my YouTube channel and my blogging work. I am in a sort of testing phase now, where I am pretty much learning how to use that material, and get around all these have to offer. So stay tuned because many of my coming content will be related to music in the future!

A funny extra gift 🙂

This is a funny gift from my mom, A cute reindeer teddy bear. You might think, and you would be right, that being 30 and receiving that kind of gift is pretty childish, but honestly, I really don’t care. I’m telling you now the little story behind it. We have a kind of family tradition (if you want to call it like that) that is to offer a mini teddy bear to a person that really struggled or suffered from pain or a difficult situation. So whenever something difficult is happening in my life (which has been so much the case in 2020) my sister and/or my mother always taken the habit to gift me a teddy bear. I have now a mini collection of teddy bears: for example, one is the shape of sushi, another one is a Stork (an Alsatian symbol here), etc. They just remind me that my family is here for me when hard times are coming or here, which I think is such thoughtful and cute attention. Whatever age you might be, teddies are just cute and comforting 🙂 

What have you got for Christmas this year ?
Loads of love xoxo

French Pivoine

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