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Reflecting on 2020 and welcome 2021!


This is finally the end of this crazy year. If you think likewise, the end of a year means generally going back on everything that happened to reflect on what was good, what wasn’t, and draw conclusions on what to do better for the next year. I am not a believer in setting new year’s resolutions. For me, improving your life should be an on-going process and fight. Why fight? because there are things pretty hard to improve according to each individual. For instance, drinking more water, going to the gym, or going to bed earlier are pretty easy things to do for me but for some other people, this more challenging because you have to involved in it. Some other challenging things can come from forgetting about something that hurt you deeply during the year: sudden death in your family, losing love, your job because of the economic crisis, etc. You have then to learn how to be in peace with yourself again and rebuild your confidence and sometimes your life. This is why I am constantly questioning myself and set new priorities and goals throughout the year.

This year made me really understood how happiness shall be created in life. For many years, I thought that only the people you love bring you happiness, but this is partially true. Of course, the love of your family or relatives is extremely important because they will be there for you when times are difficult. But how about loving yourself? How about being happy being alone first? You must fall in love with yourself. For years, I was totally focused on finding a partner with who to share my life and happiness with and I completely forgot to be happy by myself first. Of course, sharing good experiences with others is nice, but never ever prevent yourself from doing things such as traveling to your dream destination because you are afraid to do it alone.

I am sharing, for example, one of my personal dreams: since I am 14 years old, I dream to visit and tour Ireland. You will think that this is not the hardest dream to come true considering that I live in France and this is certainly not hard to go there. I am 30 years old today and I still haven’t been there, even though I could have definitely done for a long time. What didn’t I do it yet? Because I absolutely wanted to share this experience with my significant other. What a mistake! Because until now, I haven’t found the guy or the significant person that I want to share it with. I just prevented myself all of these years from making my dream a reality. I think this is my biggest wake-up call for a long time.

From now on, I promise myself that if I have the opportunity to do something I dream to do and I won’t hesitate again. Writing and having a blog for example is one of these dreamed realizations, so I am happy that I have started that in 2020 even though it took time. Again, life is short and you must make the best out of it, which I totally forgot about, especially this year. I am having such an amazing time now focusing on producing content, and living my passion fully. Even though it is not seen by many ye, this is not the goal. I want to share with the world what makes me happy and my thinking on life to inspire happiness and provide help because reading other blogs also helped me and inspired me. This is the amazing power of the internet, being able to share with the world. How helpful it was actually during this pandemic! Would you have imagined being on lockdown and not having the possibility to connect with your friends and family? When you think about it the situation coud have been way worse…

Life goals must not have a deadline as we should focus on the journey, not the destination.

As I have written in my blog description, let’s be kind to each other, and more importantly, let’s be indulgent to ourselves. What happened during this year, happened for a reason and we should learn from it instead of blaming ourselves. Every situation and experience can make us grow and help to live our best life. After all, if our actions were driven by kindness, then you are not a bad person, you just are doing your best in this world.

So welcome 2021, I hope that we will finally get through the pandemic and that our lives will finally get back to normal. Have faith and may all your wishes come true πŸ™‚

French Pivoine

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