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Glamorous Party Makeup Look


Hello everyone !

I am super excited to show today my new video about my New Year’s Eve party glamourous makeup look.

I have written the following article about my glamorous party look video. I didn’t mention any specific information about the products that I use in the video, so in this post, you will see the exact brands and products that I use to re-create this look. You can find the links to all of the products throughout the article if you are interested in purchasing them.

First, I like to prepare my skin in the first place by applying some serum, moisturizer and during wintertime, I will apply also a bit of BB tainted cream beforehand. Then, I start by applying some lip balm and I’ve used the Sensitive Lipbalm from Balea. It is a beauty brand that I’ve been using for a couple of years from the German shop DM, in which I shop a lot of beauty products. I always apply balm first, so I give time for my lips to moisturize properly before apply my lipstick or other products afterward.

For the next step, I apply some foundation. In this video and to make sure that my foundation provides me with high coverage, I have chosen to use my MAC foundation. This is the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15, and the shade is NW13. I applied it with my Sephora brush: the Pro Ultra Liquid Foundation number 83. This brush has become my all-time favorite foundation brush because this is so easy to apply on your face and it doesn’t leave any foundation marks that other brushes can make for example. 

After applying the foundation, I’m using my Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer, the shade is Chai, to correct any dark circles around my eyes or any imperfections on my face. Unlike the foundation from the same range, I really like this Becca product, because it really covers any imperfections without leaving your skin too tacky or looking thick on your face.

Then to set everything in place, I have used my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, in the shade Peach Glow. This gives you such a good mattifying finish. As described on the product, I confirm that it leaves you with ‘flawless skin’. This is my favourite setting powder at the moment. 

A major step now is to create a smoky look effect on my eyes. So I start using my favourite palette: this is the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette that has a wonderful coconut scent that I have been using for a couple of months now. I started by applying the dark brown colour called Erotica on the crease of my eyelids, then I applied a bit of the Push-Up colour which is a beautiful kind of rose gold colour in the middle of my lid. I’m using also the white shade Heaven for the inner corner of my eye and underneath my eyebrows. As explained in the video already, I love all of the colours from this palette because you can use them either for an evening out or on a daily basis. I have to say that it is one of my most expensive beauty palettes but, I honestly couldn’t have helped myself in splurging into having such a high-quality and statement beauty product, I highly recommend it. 

To have some more golden colours on my eyes, I also use the gold shade from the Rituals Miracle Day to Night Limited Edition Palette. I have to tell you a bit more about this product in particular: It came out around Christmas time last year, I think November, and I really loved the colours and fell in love with it. But, because it was a limited edition, it was already out of stock, and hard to get one of these. I literally had to wait two months to get it. The lady in the shop was really kind to me and put my name on a waiting list and told me once it is available again. She called me when I was in Los Angeles beginning of February. So I was in a hurry because I couldn’t wait to get back to Europe to have it. It was really worth the wait because this is the palette that I’m carrying around all the time. And because it contains all the colours that I like to apply on a daily basis, this is something that I would definitely pick up when you travel for example.

Then, I also used one of my favourite palettes, my fist ever bought actually:): The Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. I noticed that I wanted some extra depth on my eyes, so I chose the colour Blackheart, which is the darker colour of the palette, and applied a bit still the external part of my eye all of my eyes, a little bit on the crease and blended it. The palette is such a wonderful one, I love the rose gold colours (that’s why I chose this one instead of the other one from the same brand) because this is the type of colours that really suits my hair colour (me being ginger) and also this is a set of colours you can use on daily basis because of the lightest colours, and create a more dramatic look for evenings with the darker ones. 

Next step, is to apply some eyeliner and eye pencil. My all-time favourite items to do so are My Ultra-precision superliner by L’Oreal, and my Lancome eye pencil “Le Crayon Khôl“, both in the black shade. Check my video to see how to apply eyeliner because I have a specific technique making sure that the line looks perfect at the end. I have to say that the Super-Liner from L’Oreal is one of my favourites because that’s the easiest one to apply.

I am applying now some mascara. This is my last Christmas addition: It is the Volume Disturbia from Givenchy included in the same package that included the lipstick I am showing you later on. The packaging is so gorgeous and the formula gives you some very good volume. I am just a bit wary about the tacky aspect you can have sometimes on your lashes and there is too much of product coming out of the mascara. Hence why I am always correcting the application with an extra lashes brush, as I did in the video.

Then it’s the time for some highlighting. I am using my Revolution Precious Stones Rose Quartz Highlighting palette that I bought last January in London. I’m in love with this palette because it contains really amazing powders, with great pigmentations. The lightest shade gives you a perfect highlighting for your cheekbones and to add some more light into your face. The rose gold shade in the middle, is perfect as a blush with a few highlights in it so this is the perfect combination of the two as I stated in the video already. And then the last shades, that is a bit more orangey, is perfect for me because orange shades for gingers are definitely a good colour to highlight your skin properly and to give you a fresh and rested look, especially during summertime for me.

For some extra illuminating features, I am using the Rival Illuminating drops. Just a tiny bit to add extra lights on some particular areas. Rival is a brand from the German shop Rossman, a shop that I really love because I got to find English beauty brands that are impossible for me to find in France, such a Revolution for instance, which I am a big fan of.

At last, now I’m applying so I’m taking care of my lips. So, first of all, I’m using my lip liner from the brand Manhattan: this is the X-trem Last Lip Liner in red, 44N Love Red. I have a couple of these in different shades according to the lipstick I am applying. This is so far my favourite brand in terms of lip liners, in terms of quality and price (less than 2€ each). I blend in a little bit on my lips, making sure that the lipstick will blends properly with the lip liner colour. Then, I apply my Givenchy lipstick, le rouge № 333. I think this shade suits my skin tone and hair particularly good, I really love it.

Here is the final look. I hope you have enjoyed watching this video and reading about all the products that I have used to re-create this look. I really like using brown shades and red shades for a party because it gives such a classy look and putting my red lipstick on always fills me with extra confidence 😉 

This was my first video and article ever about re-creating some look, And it was very much fun to make! I will definitely do more in the future 😉 

Tell me now, what are your favourite products to use to create a glamorous look, do you have other favourite beauty products? Give me your impressions in the comment section below. 

Loads of love, xoxo

French Pivoine

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