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Peonies are my favorite type of flowers, hence the name of this blog; But there is the reason behind it.
We all have memories related to smells from our childhood that have more or less some impact on the development of our tastes and preferences.

The particular fragrance of peonies really hit me when I was a child. I remember my mother used to order beauty products from the French brand Yves Rocher. This brand is really well known in France since the ’80-’90s and was one of the first companies with a real engagement for environmentally friendly and natural beauty products. Still today, this brand remains environmentally and animal conscious and is an active actor on the market to produce high-quality products tailored to all skin types (a side note but, I will definitely be talking more about this brand and my favorite products). Back in the ’90s, my mother purchased a perfume from this brand called “Pivoine” (Peony in English, the name says it all).
I remember really well this smell that was so fresh and nice, whenever my mother used to put some on her, she would put a little bit on me as well πŸ™‚ those little instants of life with mum are now memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. With age, you definitely notice that our best memories are not necessarily the craziest experiences but little moments of complicity with our loved-ones. I will always remember this particular smell. Unfotutnaly this perfume is nowadays discontinued and considered as a vintage product of the brand. With a little research online, I found that some people are now selling the bottle with this so particular design.

I surprised myself the other day as I found the peony shaped bottle top from the bottle I used to have which I (weirdly) kept in one of my drawers. I remember accidentally breaking the bottle many years ago πŸ™ The design of the bottle is so simple but at the same time so elegant. I think this is one of my favorite perfume bottles, it is not super fancy as other bigger brands but minimalist and really beautiful, which clearly states about the brand’s view as well in my opinion. Even though Yves Rocher released new peonies based smelling perfumes, it is not the same anymore. I really wish that the brand would consider releasing an exclusive reedition of the perfume one day, that would be so awesome and I am sure that many people would be nostalgic and willing to buy it. Again, when researching this vintage perfume on the internet, I also noticed that many people all over Europe were really fond of it. Even in the UK, where I don’t think the brand is really present at the moment (let me know otherwise British friends πŸ˜‰ ). You can definitely understand now where the inspiration for my blog’s logo comes from πŸ˜‰

Did you recall this perfume back in the days? What is your impression about it?

picture credit/ google search and etsy

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