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Christmas home decor 2020


2020 has been a very particular year and this applies to Christmas as well. Despite what is happening in the world at the moment I think this is even more important now to make everything possible to keep the Christmas spirit.

This year for my home decoration I have added some new features to create a warm atmosphere.

I have stated obviously with a new Christmas tree. I have bought a superb looking natural pine tree. Yes, it is a fake tree but I like to have it ready each year, and also that’s more convenient to have something that doesn’t leave pine needles everywhere. It is just a matter of taste but I understand also that this is nice to have the smell of a natural pine tree. Maybe one day I will go for it as well (the day I will live in a house maybe), but for the moment when you live in an apartment that is way more convenient.

For the decorations, my theme is a mix of light colors bulbs with mainly silver and gold tones. I have added two electric light strings inside the tree with a natural warm color, not a white light color because it doesn’t give this warm and cozy feeling that I like in Christmas trees.

And of course, the traditional Christmas top! I have chosen this glittery star but of course, I also like a Christmas tree with other decorations such as an angel at the top for instance.

For the dinner section, I have also the mantel that I have decorated with my advent wreath. This wreath was decorated by mom a few years ago with mini bells, anise stars, and golden wooden and cinnamon sticks. She gave it to me as it would my decoration better (she is amazing).

I added my Santa Christmas stocking. I have it since I was young and my sister has a similar one πŸ™‚ It is looking very adorable and it is part of our family memories.

Next to the mantel, I have bought this year a new Christmas decoration: this is a LED lighted frame representing a snowy landscape. I just fell in love with it. It is looking gorgeous and sets you right away in the mood. Even though it is rare to have snow now on Christmas eve, at least I have a representation of it.

On my dinner table, I added this year a poinsettia flower, a symbol of Christmas, called in french “L’Γ©toile de Noel” meaning the “Christmas star“.

I added in the center a little lighted Christmas house. I am thinking about creating maybe a mini Christmas village with animated characters and houses. My mother does it in her own house and it looks really magical.

At the front door, I have added this lighted bow, to have some more decoration in the hallway.

I have another Christmas wreath behind the door to welcome my guest :).

And that is it for my Christmas decor, I hope you have enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. What are your favorite Christmas decor and /or traditions? Let me know in the comments section below πŸ™‚

I wish you all a wonderful holiday seasons, full of love and hope for next year!

French Pivoine

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