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Beauty Shot #1 – Dior palette 5 couleur couture


Today, I will be talking about one of my end-of-year beauty indulgences. One day when strolling around at Sephora, I completely fell in love with this limited edition Dior palette in shades 279 Denim which a beautiful combination of light/dark blues and light/dark turquoise colours. In the middle, you get a kind of nude/metallic colour to add a lighter tone.

This is a pretty pricy product for 63€, but this is a luxury brand. Honestly, when you get to use it for the first time and see the quality as well as its long-lasting properties and pigmentation, this is becoming in my opinion a must-have makeup product. I chose the blue-turquoise version because of my ginger hair colour and as it usually enhances my hazel eyes.

As usual with Dior, the packaging is so stunning and classy. Like most palettes, it contains a mirror and some mini brushes. I usually never use them, but for this palette, I notice that the quality is good enough to use them, even though they are pretty small. This is perfect if you are on the go or travelling.

These colours are so gorgeous! When the lady at the Sephora shop presented me with it, I fell in love instantly. I rarely crave for makeup product so quickly and I usually take my time before investing in luxury goods such as this one, but I don’t regret my purchase at all 🙂

I am definitely using it on a daily basis as well as for a particular occasion. It just depends on how much product you are using. This palette is so versatile that you can really play a lot on the pigmentation according to if you want to have a very dramatic effect for a smoky eye look, or if you want to use it very lightly for a day to day look. You can purchase it here:

So guys what do you think about it? Do you like this format of beauty shots? I came with this new concept of showing quick posts or future quick videos about some of my favourite item. Tell me your impressions about this one in the comments section below 😉

Loads of love and take care,

Mylène xoxo

French Pivoine

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