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An unexpected email


I am making tonight this quick post, not so quick probably because I have a lot to say, but I received tonight an email that ignited something in myself that I haven’t been able to feel for a long time: the sens of forgiveness.

Let me explain: to set up the background story, I bought a set of two books last week from an author called Pierre Jeanty. These two volumes are a collection of poems about love, relationships, and understandings about life. I was just searching online for motivation quotes and stories that would light up my day (which I’m doing a lot lately to cheer myself up), and I fell on one of the quotes coming from the first book, this book is called “HER”.

I have posted lately a very personal article on my blog called “The story of my wasted love, and how to recover from it“, where I talk about my breakup. Writing about it was very important for me because it has been the most difficult breakup of my entire life. As I stated in this article, I fell in love with a man that I thought would be the man of my life and made me believe so. Finally, I realized that all the promises and all the things that he has told me (including that I was the woman of his life and that he couldn’t live without me…) were a big bunch of lies and he pretended to be in love. The question that was constantly asking myself is ‘how can I get back to love someone else after having believed so hard that I would build my future with this guy?  When are you going through such a difficult experience (because it’s just it’s not just about having your heart broken), you are trying to find reasons for what happened.

My way of going back to light was reading about relationships, understanding what is normal and what’s not, talking a lot with doctors (psychologists), with my close family and friends. I am so thankful to them for having done this to me, having heard me crying for days and nights after the breakup. I needed for the pain to go out of my broken heart and to be released from what I call now my ‘invisible love-cage‘. So I started to read books on self-development and motivation on how to be able to ‘dance under the rain’ to prepare myself for my best life. And the book from Pierre Jeanty brought me many responses. I understood that what was happening to me, has happened to so many people (unfortunately). This type of heartbreaking experience just helps us growing and becoming more careful and be even more prepared for what’s next: the love real of your life. I am trying to imagine that one day, I will be capable of saying of sort of ‘thank you’ to my ex for behaving so badly because at least he would have given the chance to really meet a good men (I ma certainly not reay for forgiveness at the moment, I forgot myself and this is already a bid step I think).

Now, I realize that the man I was with was definitely not the man of my life, even though I was sure about it still a month and a half ago.  And why am I writing this article now? Because first of all, I absolutely fell in love with these books, they are full of wisdom. If you are going through changes and difficult time in your life at the moment, these books will instil faith in your heart again, as it did to me. But more than that, tonight I received an email from the author himself, Pierre Alex Jeanty, after buying his two books, and I would like you to read those words: 

Love is coming to….

Your day will come, 
love will find itself knocking on your door, anxious to find its way into your bones. 
It will come and settle inside your heart.
It will bring someone with it.
A soul that will be different from what you’ve always known.
Someone who will carry more surprises than promises, more reasons to stay than confusion.
Love is coming. It’s bringing your favourite person, the best protector your heart has ever known. 
Keep hope shining bright in you and prepare yourself for it.
Love has better plans for you, it only asks that you stay ready and that you do not create your plan for it. 

Love is coming, just wait, just don’t settle, just be patient.
Hope you enjoyed these words 
– Pierre Jeanty

When I read it, I literally started crying. Because a simple email such as this one is exactly the kind of things that I needed to realize. I have been through the worst in terms of love, but now I am preparing myself for the best. Pierre, if you read this article, to me you are amazing because you understand human beings and how relationships should be like. If everybody would be able to understand that and behave the way Pierre Jeantry is writing, we would live in such a better world. Unfortunately, we do not, but I am sure that good people exist are capable to understand how words can be hurtful and broken promises can be damaging.

In a corner of my mind sometimes I secretly wish that my ex-boyfriend would have understood that, but I don’t think that he is the kind of person capable of doing so, unlikely. Now, my objective is to find the one that will make me feel special, loved, understood, and that will make me his priority as I would do for him. I wish all the good people in this world to feel the same way and to be able to live their best life and create happiness around them. Here are some of my favourite poems from the books:

She is looking for a man who will devote
less time questioning why there are walls around her heart, and more time jumping, climbing, breaking, and doing whatever is necessary to get past those walls.

“HER” Vol.1


Your smile will be like
the sun cracking through the clouds to the man of your dreams.

“HER” Vol.1

She will remember the moments you made her feel loved more than the times you said, “I love you.”

“HER” Vol.2

Nothing ordinary is meant for you. There’s nothing more unfair to you than convincing yourself that it is okay to accept anything short of extraordinary.

“HER” Vol.2

To you, Pierre, with all of my sincere thanks, may this new year be full of joy, happiness and health to you and your family. 

Here are the link where to buy to e-book or paper book:

To my dear friends and visitors reading my article, I strongly advise you to have a look at these books and some excepts at first. I you like what you read, trust me you can safely buy them, you won’t be disappointed. They are really well written and incredibly helping.

I leave you with this quote :

“A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one”. Marjorie Kinnan

Sending you love,


French Pivoine

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