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What led me to create this blog?

My life changed so much during the last four years at every level. I got to travel, get a dream job, getting the freedom to do so many different things, lost loads of weight after having a bariatric surgery (known as “by-pass” surgery) with which I regained my confidence in myself and my body. All of these events made me want to record them and sharing them with others to maybe help or inspire as well. I personally get inspired by people and the challenges they go through and I love reading about them, so why not do the same? I would like to create a small world/community of inspiring people where we could exchange and feel inspired by each other. This feeling as when something good happens to relative or close friends, you feel happy for them. For me, it is the same here: knowing that other people, perfect strangers are living their best life and feel great about it, is simply pure joy to see 🙂 Kindness and goodwill are the words to describe my state of mind and the tone of this blog.

What does French Pivoine mean?

When I started researching for a fun blog name, I realized how difficult it is to find something that wouldn’t actually already exist and correspond to my personality. I definitely want to provide you with something fresh and nice to read. Then, I decided to combine two words that would describe myself and my state of mind. The first one, French, is pretty obvious: I was born and raised in France and this culture is really important to me, I am proud of it. The second word, Pivoine, is the French word for Peonies. Since I am a little girl, they are my favorite type of flowers. They are for me the perfect representation of beauty, femininity, and elegance. This my inspiration on a daily basis: simple but elegant things and this is what I want to talk about. This blog will be my medium to talk about all of the things that dear to me: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, DIY’s, healthy habits, different topics and subjects on which I want to share my thoughts about, my travels since I travel quite often for personal and professional purposes, and also my life experiences, etc. I hope that my content will inspire you. I look forward to exchanging with you all and read about your feedback!

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