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A healing Christmas walk in Riquewhir


As an Alsatian, I am lucky to have been born, raised, and still living in the Christmas tradition’s birthplace. Yes, the Christmas tree tradition and all of what is derived from it come from my region Alsace, France. Let’s say that I am pretty proud of that. I cannot imagine myself being anywhere else in the world at this time of the year to celebrate Christmas with my family and loves ones.

Since I am a little, our family tradition is to visit our old traditional Christmas markets in the differents alsatian villages, and they are plenty! The Strasbourg and Colmar Christmas markets being the most well-known nation and worldwide, but they are not my favorite. My favorites ones are definitely in Kaysersberg and Riquewihr. Why? Because for me they are quite the quintessence of what Christmas is. Imagine an old village full of half-timbering houses, decorated everywhere with thousands of Christmas lights everywhere, this is what sets me in the season mood.

Unfortunately in 2020, for the first in our lives, all of the Christmas markets are canceled because of the Pandemic. Of course, this is really disappointing. But when I think that my family was preserved until now from getting the coronavirus (both of my parents work in an Hospital), I think that this an amazing gift, my family is healthy.

Even though everything is closed down this year, the cities preserved the outside decorations, I think to keep at least a little bit of the Christmas mood. So last week my family and I took the opportunity to go out a bit and walk in the street of Riquewihr.

I don’t think that we will go to Kaysersberg this year, or at least not me because I have still too many fresh memories associated with my ex there. My heart was particularly broke this year because of my really recent break-up with the men I thought I would build my life with, but Christmas time and family help me to keep the faith in the future. I state this because I am certainly not the only one going through a breakup or losing a job this year.

The pandemic affected most of us and was particularly harsh. I saw a side of people that I wish I would never have seen in my life. But we will all grow from this, I suppose. The most courageous people are the ones that went through the most difficult times. So if you are reading this, keep the faith, and believe in the future. We are all in this situation and this is our capacity to still believe in life and happiness that will make the difference in the end.

Here is one of my favorite sport in Riquewihr, this is a cristal shop with amazing pieces of decoration and jewelry.

Enjoy being with your family and loved ones, the storm will pass. And seeing this beautiful decor makes me really happy and provides me with courage for what is coming next.

What makes you feel happy during this season?

French Pivoine

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